Welcome to PSI LLC. PSI is a specialized designer and supplier of ADA compliant steel custom-made furniture, equipment, cabinets, and accessories.

PSI LLC has designed, supplied, and manufactured steel and stainless steel equipment and industrial-use furnishings since 1985. We offer a complete line of Access Doors, Pass Thrus, Tables, Benches, Stools, Desks, Cabinets, Shelves, Grab bars, and additional Accessories. We specialize in custom manufacturing any of our products to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Everything we do is high-quality, custom-made steel and stainless steel furnishings, equipment, and accessories. Our experienced engineering department is ready to assist you in fitting our products to your facility or designing products that meet the strength, safety and security standards you are looking for.

Our steel and stainless steel furnishings, equipment, and accessories are designed for applications in Hospitals, Clinics, Institutions, Schools, Cafeterias, Municipalities, Libraries, Parks & Recreation Departments, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Food Service, Food Preparation, Oil Rig and Drilling Sites, Industrial and Manufacturing, Waste Management, Water Treatment, Home and Office, Television and Film props, Sports and Exercise facilities, Military and Military Contractors, Homeless shelters, Charity Organizations, Airports, Nuclear, Coal, Natural Gas Power PlantsMedical Research Facilities, and Clean Rooms.

All of our products are custom-made to meet your specifications including sizing, materials, including wood tops and all stainless steel construction, as well as laser cutting and laser etching, and finishes in powder coating, painting, and chemical treatment (stainless steel only) available. 

Contact PSI today for more information about custom made steel & stainless steel furnishings, equipment, and accessories!