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The FP-103 Retrofit Food Pass mounts into a hole cut into an cell existing door. Our A-Z part frame encapsulates the opening and the 7-gauge flat steel door, reinforcement plate, and preparation for a detention food pass lock combine utility and high security. Different sizes, mounting, and hinge options ensure that the FP-103 will quickly and safely outfit any application. 

The Food Pass Door is made from 7-gauge flat steel with a reinforcement plate. The 7-gauge steel frame is 2” wide. All four sides are cut and notched to create square corners with four 3/8” mounting holes. Standard hinges on the PSI food pass door are two 3” by 3” 10-gauge steel butt hinges, with non-removable pins and 90-degree hold-open brackets. For the locking mechanism, this piece of equipment comes prepped for a high security dead bolt lock, with a concealed bolt receiver. The food pass door is finished with a chemical degreaser and one coat of rust-inhibitive primer. Standard sizing for the FP-103 is designed to fit a 5” by 15 1/2” opening, custom sizing is available. The food pass door has an anchorage option featuring 3/8” holes for mounting with security screws. PSI also offers other hinge choices, such as continuous piano hinges or 3” by 3” detention hinges as shown.

PSI also manufactures High Security & Detention Package Passes and Stainless Steel Tables and other Detention Equipment.

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Door: 7 ga. flat door & reinforcement detention security plate.

Frame: 7 ga. steel face frame w/ 2" x 2" x 10 ga. steel angle frame to enclose the backside of the opening. Accommodates 1 3/4" & 2" thick doors.

Hinges: 2 - #3 detention security hinges (3" x 4") with non-removable pins that open to 90 degrees.

Lock: Prepped for high security detention deadbolt lock, concealed bolt receiver.

Finish: Chemically degreased, with a coating of rust inhibitive primer.

Size options: Standard- 5" x 15 1/2" opening.
           Custom sizes available on request.

Mounting options: 3/8" dia. holes for 1/4-20 screws.

Hinge options: Continuous piano hinge.

Latch options: Finger Pull

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