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The PL-408 Locking Cabinet is a tip-out, self-locking, storage cabinet for storing spices, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and other materials and is available with in wall or on wall mounting and features with a 10 ga. formed steel body for toughness. The drawers are also made from 10 ga. steel to keep the protected items from getting into the wrong hands.

The mounting frame is 3/16" thick, 2" x 2" angle steel. This is welded to the body exterior for a surface, or recessed mount. Custom depth options up to 6" are available to fit your specifications.

The internal shelving is covered with an 1/8" of felt to protect the secured equipment, and the cabinet, from scratches and noise. While the steel continuous piano hinge is welded into place to impede tampering and to help prevent unauthorized access by force.

Each lock is individually and master keyed with a pin tumbler snap mechanism with two keys per compartment to give added security. The compartment automatically latches when the door is closed. This assures that only authorized personnel have access.

All joints are welded and ground smooth for durability and safety. The PL-408 cabinet is then chemically degreased and a coating of rust inhibitive primer is applied.

The cabinet comes standard in combinations of 3, 6, or 9 compartments. Custom sizes for any number of compartments are available by request.

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Body: Formed 10 ga. steel body, 35" wide x 29 1/2" high x 6" deep.

Mounting Frame: 2" x 2" x 3/16" steel angle frame, welded to cabinet body.

Hinge: 16 ga. steel continuous piano hinge.

Drawers: 15 1/4" wide x 8 7/16" high 10 ga. Steel, lined with 1/8" think felt.

Locks: Individually & master keyed pin tumbler snap lock with 2 keys per compartment.

Construction: All joints welded & ground smooth.

Finish: Chemically degreased and coated with a universal rust inhibitive primer.


PL-408-3; A 3 compartment locker.

PL-408-6; A 6 compartment locker.

PL-408-9; A 9 compartment locker.

PL-408-X; Custom sized lockers can be assembled into any number of compartments.

Surface, recessed, or custom mounting depths up to 6".

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