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The WSS-500 Steel Safety Shelf is comprised of a back plate, a shelf, and 4 collapsible hooks. These safety hooks allow light items, such as clothing, to be hung up, but to prevent the hanging of heavier objects making it ideal for high-risk applications including institutional offices, holding facilities, and waiting areas. Each shelf design can be securely wall mounted. The 10-gauge steel back plate measures 18" wide by 11" high, and comes with 7 3/8" mounting holes. The shelf is 18" wide and 8" deep. It, too, is made from 10-gauge steel, with sloped sides and a 1" hemmed front edge. Four collapsible safety hooks are fillet welded to the back plate. The shelf is finished with a chemical degreaser and a rust-inhibitive primer.

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Back plate: 12" x 18" x 10 ga. steel plate w/ 7 - 3/8" dia. mounting holes.

Shelf: 18" wide x 8" deep 10 ga. steel shelf with sloped sides & a 1" hemmed front edge.
           Custom sizes available by request

Hooks: 4- friction type collapsible safety hooks, fillet welded to back plate.

Finish: Chemically degreased & coated with 1 coat rust inhibitive primer.

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