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The WSSB-500 PSI Steel Safety Shelf comes with 4 ball & socket safety hooks. These safety hooks allow light items, such as clothing, to be hung up, but to prevent the hanging of heavier objects making it ideal for high-risk applications including waiting areas, institutional facilities, and anywhere you need additional hanging storage. Each shelf design can be securely wall mounted.

The 14-gauge stainless steel back plate is 18" wide by 12" high by 1" deep. It is secured to a shelf, 18" wide by 8" deep, also of 14-gauge steel. The steel shelf has sloped sides and a 1" hemmed front edge. This shelf houses four stainless steel, ball and peg type of safety hooks. It is anchored to the wall with security screws. The finish is #4 on the stainless steel, with a blasted finish on the shelf surface.

PSI also manufactures Wood-top BenchesHigh Security Stools, and Stainless Steel Furnishings to increase safety and control. 

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Back plate: 18" x 12" x 1" x 14 ga. stainless steel plate.

Shelf: 18" wide x 8" deep x 14 ga. stainless steel shelf w/ sloped sides & 1" hem @ front edge.
           Custom sizes available by request

Hooks: 4- stainless steel, ball/peg type safety hooks.

Anchorage:1/4-20 BH security screws.

Finish: #4 finish on exposed stainless steel.

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