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Woven rod doors and partitions are the kinds of jail doors PSI creates for individual law enforcement sites. The tubular-shaped frames are built of 12-gauge steel channel, and notched every two inches to receive woven rods. The cap channel has a 2 ¾”, 12-gauge steel plate and a stitch weld at 9” on center.

The mesh is 3/8” in diameter, with a mild steel rod, woven at 2” on center each way, and double-crimped. Welds are placed on every other rod, where they intersect the channel frame. The frame is mounted into a 10-gauge formed steel channel expansion, anchored to the wall, and field welded to the mount channel.

PSI’s Woven Rod Doors & Partitions are chemically degreased and coated with a rust-inhibitive primer. Additional custom options for this partition and storage equipment include a 10-gauge steel frame, ¼” woven wire at 2” on center each way, and frames or wires made of stainless steel.

PSI also manufactures high-security Pistol & Rifle Security LockersDetention Mirrors, and Stainless Steel Furnishings to increase safety and control. 

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Frame: Tubular shaped frame to be built up of a 12 ga. steel channel, 1 3/4" wide x 3" high, notched every 2 1/4" to receive woven rod. Cap channel with a 2 3/4" x 12 ga steel plate, & stitch weld @ 9" oc.
           Custom sizing available by request

Mesh: 1/4" dia., mild steel rod, woven @ 2 1/4" o.c. each way, double crimped, weld ever other rod where it intersects the channel frame.

Mounting: Mount frame into a 10 ga. formed steel channel, expansion anchored to the wall, & field welded to the mount channel.

Finish: Chemically degreased & coated with rust inhibitive primer


10 ga. steel frame.

3/8" dia. woven wire @ 2 1/4" o.c. each way.

Stainless steel frame & wire

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