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The PH-100 Pass Hopper allows for transfers of items while preventing two-way access and offering a higher level of security in passing items from one area of a facility to another. The PSI PH-100 Pass Hopper shares functionality with the PS-100 Pass Thru, but this unit offers a higher level of security in passing items from one area of a facility to another by preventing simultaneous two-way access. Typical uses include medication, payment, and document transfer.

The frame of the pass hopper is formed of stainless steel and assembled to fit a standard block width of sixteen inches. The pass hopper itself is made of rolled stainless steel with a pull handle and 1/2" pivot pins on oilite™ bushings. The secured side of the pass hopper contains a slide bolt latch. PSI uses 10-gauge stainless steel construction and a #4 finish on all exposed surfaces.

Standard sizes include 12" deep by 16" high, 9" deep by 11" high, and 9" deep by 11" high by 40" inches long for the passing of rifles. Additional custom sizes and options available on the PH-100 Pass Hopper include steel construction with a primer coat finish and custom laser etching. 

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Frame: Formed 10 ga. stainless steel construction, assembled to fit a standard 16" block width.

Hopper: Rolled stainless steel hopper with pull handle & 1/2" dia. pivot pins on oilite™ bushings.

Latch: Slide bolt latch only on secured side of hopper.

Finish: #4 finish on exposed stainless steel.

Standard Sizes: 12"x16"x16", 9"x11"x16", 9"x11"x40"
           Custom sizes available on request.

Options: Steel construction with prime finish.

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