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The PSI one-piece Contour Bench is useful for waiting rooms, holding areas, and other secure or public places. Anywhere durable seating may be required, this model will complement nicely. The contour shape provides comfortable support and exceptional strength.

The stainless steel construction is fully welded on all seams and ground for a seamless durable finish up to lengths of 10 feet. Lengths beyond 10' are separate sections spliced together to form a continuous bench. Holes are drilled along the top and bottom edges of the bench to allow for fastening to angle iron rails mounted on the wall and floor.

Optional Cuff rings or cuff rails can be mounted anywhere your designs may require and the surface can be finished with an optional primer and paint or powder coating.

PSI also manufactures Grab BarsSafety Shelving, and Stainless
Steel Furnishings
 for increasing safety and cleanliness.

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Construction: 10 ga. Stainless steel top and sides.

Dampening Material: 1/2" thick material along the interior, covering the full length of the bench.

Finish: Chemically degreased with a #4 finish.

Additional Options:

Custom lengths available (splices occur for lengths over 10 feet).
12 ga. stainless steel top and sides.

Detention Handcuff rings or rails

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