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The FB-200 is a durable, all environment, floor mount bench useful in many areas such as parks, picnic areas, restaurants, sports arenas, break rooms, airports, and anywhere dependable large capacity seating may be needed.

The 10 gauge steel top measures 18" high by 12" deep, with standard lengths of 6 or 8 feet. Custom lengths can be ordered as per your specifications with lengths beyond 10 feet being spliced together to form a continuous seating area. An optional 12 gauge stainless steel top is also available.

The support pedestal is comprised of schedule 40 steel pipe measuring 2 3/8" in diameter by 18" long. To maintain strength and stability the maximum spacing between posts is three feet. Expansion anchors fit through the pre-drilled 1/2" holes at the floor flanges to anchor the bench securely to the ground. 

All the joints are fully welded and ground smooth for strength and safety. Then the FB-200 bench is chemically degreased and a coating of universal rust inhibitive primer is applied.

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Top: 10 gauge formed steel, 6' or 8' long x 12" wide, with 1 1/2" deep flanges on all sides. Custom lengths and 12 ga. stainless steel top available.

Support Pedestals: 36" max. spacing. 2" schedule 40 (2 3/8" O.D.) steel pipe 18" high, 10 ga. steel reinforcing top plate, 8" x 8" x 7 ga. steel base plate with 1/2" bolt holes.

Construction: All joints fully welded & ground smooth.

Finish: Chemically degreased, and a coating of rust inhibitive primer is applied.


Standard length: 6' & 8'.
           Custom lengths available (splices occur every 10')

12 ga. stainless steel top with a #4 finish.

Pedestal height: up to 18"

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