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The IDK-200 is a typical institutional style floor mounted desk with a steel or stainless steel top, 12” diameter stainless steel swinging stool, shelves for personal items and a storage rod. Each desk is constructed of heavy gauge steel, mig welded, and can be prime finished or powder coated. The 12” diameter seat will swing under the desk when not in use to conserve space around the desk.

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Top: 10 ga. formed steel top 30" wide x 15" deep with a 1 1/2" flange formed up in back, & down in front and sides.

Sides: 10 ga. formed steel sides , 15" deep x 30" high, w/ 1 1/2" flange formed front & back. Each leg has a 1 3/4"x 1 3/4" x 10 ga. steel mount plate with a 1/2" dia. hole for bolting to floor, 1" dia. pipe foot rest.

Shelf: 2- 10 ga. steel shelves, 10" deep, x 10" high x 10" wide.

Seat: 1- 12" dia. x 1 1/2" deep x 14 ga. stainless steel seat, with a 7 ga. steel plate welded to underside.

Swing bracket: Swivel pin is a 1" dia. steel pin, rotating inside two 1 1/2" dia. cylinders at each end.

Swing arm: 3/8" thick steel plate, welded to pivot pin, & seat reinforcing plate.

Finish: Chemically degreased, with 1 coat rust inhibitive primer.


12 ga. stainless steel top w/ #4 finish.

3/8" x 2 1/4" x 12" long steel towel bar (as shown in above drawing).

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