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The PSI FSB-300-D Free Standing Double Bunk adds on where the single bunk left off. Each pan size and specification is the same as on the single bunk. The double bunk legs are 2" x 2" x 3/16" steel angle iron. The legs measure 53” in height. Anchor plates are 2” by 2” 10-gauge steel with a 1/2” hole for bolting to the floor. Double bunk units are shipped knocked down by PSI, with field assembly required. All joints are welded and ground smooth. The finish is a chemical degreaser and a rust-inhibitive primer or powder coat finish. Additional options available include: an open front shelf, an under bunk drawer, and custom sizing.

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Bunk pans: 2-10 ga. steel, front & rear flanges formed up 2", with 1" hem. 27" x 79 3/8" pan size.
           Custom sizes available by request

Legs: 4- 2" x 2" x 3/16" steel angle iron, x 53" height.

Anchor plates: 2" x 2" x 10 ga. steel plate w/ 1/2" dia. hole for bolting to floor, anchors not by PSI.

Assembly: Units are shipped knocked down, field welding required.

All joints welded & ground smooth.

Finish: Chemically degreased & 1 coat universal rust inhibitive primer.


Open front shelf.

Under bunk drawer.


Perforated w/ 8- 1" dia. holes for ventilation.

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