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The KC-400 Key Cabinet has a tough 10 ga. steel body made for strength, permitting only authorized entry. With body dimensions of 24” high by 16 5/8” wide by 9” deep, the cabinet easily fits within an existing closet, locker, or you can have it directly bolted to a wall. Custom sizing, inserts, and arrangements are available by request.

The door is prepared for a high security lock mechanism and features a formed steel door made with 10 ga. steel and a hidden continuous piano hinge, the KC-400 key cabinet’s construction has superior protection in mind. The overlapping, pivoting panels inside are also 10 ga. steel and you have a choice of paracentric or mogul key racks to make finding the right key quick and easy. The standard optional capacities are 60, 180, or 300 keys. Custom sizes are available for any capacity.

The paracentric key rack holds four keys per hook, containing 16 keys per strip. Each mogul key rack allows three keys to fit on each hook, holding 24 keys per strip.

All joints are welded and ground smooth for durability and safety. The KC-400 cabinet is then chemically degreased and a coating of rust inhibitive primer is applied.

PSI also manufactures Wood-top BenchesHigh Security Stools, and Stainless Steel Furnishings to increase safety and control. 

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Body: Formed 10 ga. steel, 24" high x 16 5/8" wide x 9" deep.
           Custom sizing available by request.

Door: 10 ga. formed steel, 1 1/4" deep.

Lock: Prepped for a high security mechanism.

Hinge: 16 ga. steel continuous piano hinge.

Panels: 10 ga. steel plate with paracentric, or mogul key racks.

Construction: All joints welded & ground smooth.

Finish: Chemically degreased and coated with a universal rust inhibitive primer.


KC-400-060; Key capacity, 60.

KC-400-180; Key capacity, 180.

KC-400-300; Key capacity, 300.

           Custom capacity, sizes, arrangements, and inserts available by request

Paracentric key rack holding 4 keys per hook, 16 keys per strip

Mogul key rack containing 3 keys per hook, with 24 keys per strip

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